Callum Page Realty Group (CPRG)

  • Why CPRG?

When you work at CPRG you become part of a family.  We are committed to making you stronger and confident so you can grow a profitable business.  As the Broker and Owner, Ms. Page has dedicated her professional real estate career to real estate training and coaching. 

  • Why does CPRG charge a monthly fee?

CPRG believes that people value opportunities and take action when it is associated with a recurring out of pocket business expense.  The main goal of CPRG is to inspire, educate and empower agents to become profitable business owners.

  • How much does it cost to join CPRG?

The cost to join CPRG is $160.00.  This includes $60.00 1st month office fee and $100.00 fee for Brokerage set up.

  • Is there a fee for Risk Management Insurance?

Yes.  The fee is $125.00 per closed transaction side.  This fee covers errors and omissions up to $1 million per transaction.   

  • What fees are deducted from my commission?

CPRG has below average fees.  You keep all your commission less $125.00 E&O insurance, $550.00 per side for sales transactions and $250.00 per side for lease transactions.  

When you join CPRG  you will take home more commissions compared to most real estate brokerages. 

  • How soon do I receive my commission check?

You will receive your commission check as soon as escrow closes.  You can pick up your check directly from escrow.

  • How do I receive Broker support?

The Broker is available 7 days a week.  You can call, text or email.   Ycallumpage@gmail.com or (213) 256-6363.

  • What type of contracts and disclosures does CPRG use?

Standard C.A.R. approved forms. C.A.R. forms are cloud based and is part of your California Association of Realtors membership. 

  • Does CPRG provide agent leads?

CPRG does not provide leads. Broker provided leads are monitored, Broker owned and can be reassigned at any time by the referring Broker.  As a matter of fact, CPRG believes that agents should have full control and ownership of their leads.  In addition, CPRG is here to empower you to become independent business owners.

  • Does CPRG provide agent website?

As a member of the National Association of Realtors, agents will receive a free website.  This basic website is mobile friendly, has IDX listings integration capabilities and site free hosting.

  • Do you offer email?

Yes.  As an agent with CPRG you will receive a personal company email.  Example: JoeSmith@callumpage.com.

  • When is training available?

  Our agents will never miss training because it is available 24/7 via an exclusive agent portal.

  • What type of training is offered?

When you succeed, we succeed.  Building your business includes Real Estate and Business Management training, this will equip you with essential business skills to accelerate productivity.

  • How do I receive help completing contracts?

As an agent with CPRG, you have access to Zipforms.  The Broker has administrative features, that can track and monitor agents’ transactions, review documents and files electronically and add notes about the overall review.

  • Will I hear from the Broker?

Absolutely!  The Broker is active in the company daily.  You will have access to our private intranet communication and collaboration portal where you can chat with other agents and retrieve updated information from the Broker. 

  •   Can I personally meet with the Broker?

Yes.  At CPRG you matter!  We are an intimate brokerage where you will never get lost in the crowd.   CPRG maintains a full time local corporate office.  Agents can schedule time to meet the Broker personally Monday-Saturday. 

  • Do I have to join the MLS and the Association of Realtors?

Not at all!  You can earn passive income by referring clients to CPRG and collect a referral fee.